How to Create (& Launch) Your First Digital PR Campaign

March 20, 2018

Get more reach, visibility, credibility, trust, and SEO with digital PR - a way to build relationships with content writers and journalists to get them to mention you and your business. Today, I’m talking to Lexi Mills, a digital PR expert and Influence professional. Topics Discussed in this Episode: Definition of digital PR

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How to Earn Your Customers' Love and Attention

March 27, 2018

Surprisingly, companies still need to be convinced to focus on their customers before making money. Treating customers badly is no longer an option. In this episode, learn how to earn your customers’ love and admiration, as well as grow your business. Today, I’m talking to Jeanne Bliss, president of Customer Bliss. Jeanne describes how companies focus on sales goals, internal KPIs, and and other metrics, and tend to forget about their customers - who actually d...

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Rob Walling: The Stairstep, No-Bull Approach to Bootstrapping

April 03, 2018

For start-up marketing, how do you get something off the ground without outside funding? What’s required to launch a product? Marketers and developers will learn a lot today! In this episode, I’m talking to Rob Walling, a Web developer, podcaster, entrepreneur, and conference co-host about stairstepping your way up when it comes to bootstrapping. Topics Discussed in this Episode:

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[Republished] Branding 101: How to Build a Strong Brand in the Digital Age

April 11, 2018

Are brands dead due to the Internet and direct accessibility to companies? Today, I’m talking to Bernie Schroeder about why you (especially millennials) should care about branding. Bernie is a senior marketing and brand expert working at San Diego State University to help students start their own companies. Also, he is the author of Brands and Bullshit. Topics Discussed in this Episode: People (mostly millennials) do not understand brands...

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The Long-Term Principles to Create Effective Facebook Ads

April 17, 2018

How often do you look at Facebook? Facebook is the largest media company in the world, and it has generated more than $27 billion in revenue. In this episode, you will learn long-term principles to create effective Facebook ads. Today, I’m talking to Karola Karlson, a freelance performance marketing manager specializing in Facebook advertising. Topics Discussed in this Episode:

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