3 Steps to Validating Your Business Idea The Right Way Josh Pigford from Baremetrics

May 08, 2018

Marketers have become obsessed with conversion optimization over the last few years. We're trying to squeeze conversions out of each part of our website. But are we forgetting there's another human involved on the other side of the screen? We tackle that topic in today's episode with Josh Pigford, the founder of Baremetrics, a metrics and focusing tool for startups. Josh shared with us his 3-step plan for starting a new business, including how to validate your business id...

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7 Simple Ideas for Repurposing Your Content (And Why It Matters) with Brittany Berger

June 05, 2018

Want to spend less time on content creation? I know the feeling. Producing high-quality content isn’t easy work. But according to content marketing expert Brittany Berger, there’s a better way to make the most of your marketing: content repurposing. Repurposing content doesn’t mean recycling or reusing old ideas. It’s about reinventing your best content to expand your reach to a new audience. Brittany joins us on this episode to explain her approach to content marketing and shar...

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4 Steps to Creating a Rock-Solid Marketing Strategy With Mark Ritson

May 22, 2018

When it comes to your strategy, nothing is more important than market research. My guest today is Mark Ritson. He’s a marketing expert, consultant, and writer for Marketing Week. Mark sat down with me to share his principles for developing a marketing strategy and how to execute market research. Mark dug into several fascinating tactics that I’d never heard before this interview. I know you’re going to gain a ton of value from this episode. In this episode, you’ll...

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The Most Effective Way to Generate Demand with Jeanne Hopkins

June 12, 2018

Most marketers focus on lead generation but it is enough? There's another step in your marketing system that comes first: demand generation. While lead generation is a system focused on collecting contact information from potential customers, demand generation is about building brand awareness and creating demand for your products or services. I asked lead generation expert Jeanne Hopkins to join the show and share her process on setting up a marketing campaign that gener...

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4 Original Ways to Jumpstart a Career You Love with Jennifer Dziura

June 11, 2018

Why is it so damn tough to design a fulfilling career? How do you get the job you want and earn enough money to stop worrying about the next paycheck? This week we're joined by Jennifer Dzuira. She's the founder of GetBullish.com and the annual Bullish conference, where she dishes out advice on feminism and careers. We explored the steps toward developing your career path in the corporate world and navigating the road to entrepreneurship. If you've ever struggled to discover what job is right...

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