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Everyone Hates Marketers is a no-fluff, actionable marketing podcast for people sick of shady, in-your-face marketing. Louis Grenier interviews marketers who are not afraid to cut through the BS and say things as they are. Learn how to get more visitors, more leads, more customers, more long-term profits, by using good marketing: by treating people the way you'd like to be treated.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. [Replay] Why People Don't Connect With Your Marketing & How To Fix It

    My guest today is Dave Gerhardt, Director of Marketing at Drift, a conversation-driven marketing and sales platform that works as a virtual assistant for your website. Dave joined Drift as their first marketer two years ago, and he’s also the cohost of the ...


  2. How to Start & Scale a Profitable Blog (On the Side)

    Anyone can start a blog; but to generate income from it, you’ll need more than just writing skills. My guest today will tell you how you can build a profitable blog from scratch. This week we are joined by Ryan Robinson, a writer, part-time entrepreneur, and content marketing consultant. In this ...


  3. How to Retain Customers With Email Marketing

    Marketing channels come and go, but email is, for the moment, here to stay. My guest today will tell you how to use emails to increase customer retention and establish trust. This week we’re joined by Val Geisler, email marketing expert, and CEO of Fix My Churn. In this episode, you’ll ...


  4. Storytelling for Success: How to Design a Convincing Product Narrative (5 Steps)

    To take your pitches, presentations, and positioning to the next level, you have to tap into the power of narrative storytelling. My guest today is Andy Raskin, strategic consultant and storytelling expert. In this episode, you’ll learn how to use storytelling frameworks to establish trust, create emotional connections, and gain traction. We ...


  5. How to Improve Your Marketing With Social Proof (4-Step Framework)

    Building trust with social proof is more than just putting reviews on your website and hoping for the best. My guest today is Louis Nicholls, author of The Social Proof Handbook, growth consultant, and the founder of Sales for Founders. In this episode, Louis shares his 4-step framework to improve your ...