Brand Positioning 101: How to Tell a Memorable Story

August 07, 2018

How can your brand stand out in an oversaturated market today? If you’re a frequent listener, you already know we talk a lot about branding on this podcast. It’s because I believe that branding is the core of marketing. Without a solid foundation in place, your marketing strategy will flop. In today’s episode, Rebecca Vogels and I chat about the conne...

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Finding Social Media Influencers The No-BS Way in 7 Steps

August 14, 2018

Who are social media influencers and how can they help your business? In this episode, Tyler Farnsworth joins the podcast to cover a marketing topic we haven’t dug into yet: influencer marketing. We talk about the role influencers play in marketing today, finding the right social media influencer for your campaign, and how you should reach out to them.  ...

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How to Do User Research (Even if You’re on a Budget)

August 21, 2018

Want to create a better user experience for your customers? Start with user research. Before you develop a user experience design you need to understand what your customer really wants. In this episode, Els Aerts joins us to explain what user research is, why it’s important, and how you can complete user research on a budget.   We covered:

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How to Grab Attention: Kevin Roger’s 60-Second Sales Hook

August 28, 2018

Want to learn how to write a sales hook for your business in 60 seconds? Former stand-up comedian and copywriting coach Kevin Rogers joins the podcast to talk about personality marketing and how to use humor to capture your customers’ attention. Not only does Kevin share his four-step system for creating an enticing sales hook, but he covers how you can apply th...

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Storytelling Marketing Strategy: Tell Your Business Story in 6 Steps

September 04, 2018

How can we use story in our marketing strategy and drive more business? Storytelling is a skill just like anything else. All it takes to write a mesmerizing story is knowing the key elements of great storytelling and practice. In this episode, we’re joined by master storyteller Michael Hauge. He’s an author and story expert who has coached on countless Hollywood movie scripts since 1985. Tune in to learn how you can apply Michael’s 6-step storytelling formula...

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