Q&A – Part 1

September 07, 2018

We’re going to switch things up this week. Last month I asked if you had any questions for me. Quite a few of you reached out to me via LinkedIn, Twitter, and email. Now I’m going to spend some time answering everything you submitted over the next two weeks. I’ll cover what you want to know about the podcast, dig into some marketing topics and discuss the future of Everyone Hates Marketers. In this episode: The t...

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Q&A – Part 2

September 18, 2018

Welcome to another special episode. Last week I answered your questions on topics about the podcast and the Everyone Hates Marketers brand. Today’s episode is dedicated to answering your marketing questions. You all want to know more about subjects like freelancing, networking, startup marketing, and more. Let’s dive in.   In this episode: The number one skill everyone modern marke...

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5 Proven Methods for Positioning Your New Product

October 02, 2018

How can we get customers to understand the value of our product when it’s new in the market? That’s where your product positioning comes in. In this episode, we’re joined by April Dunford to talk about how to get a new product in front of your target audience. She’s a keynote speaker and a consultant for growth-stage startups in the tech indust...

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User-Centered Design & Analytics: 3 Ways to Deliver a Better Customer Experience

October 09, 2018

What is user-centered design and why should we care about it? User-centered design is an approach to understanding your customer and designing an experience from their perspective. Today, we have Dana DiTomaso on the podcast to share her in-depth process for creating a user-centered design. In this episode, you’ll learn how to discover the key problems in your user experience and what steps you can take...

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How to Stay Relevant in Business: 3 Tips to Remain Competitive

October 16, 2018

How do some companies stay on the top while others go out of business? The answer is change. If you want to move forward in business you have to embrace adaptation. In fact, it’s always been this way. Technology is just advancing at a faster pace than ever now. In this episode, we’re joined by branding expert Allen Adamson. He explains what steps companies need to take to stay relevant, how to successfully evolve with the times, and why diversity matters when it comes to y...

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