3 Principles to Future-Proof Your SEO Strategy

October 29, 2019
Is your SEO strategy specific enough? Are you trying to reach your customers, or solely tricking Google’s algorithm? My guest today is SEO expert and growth consultant Eli Schwartz. We talked about the importance of specificity in SEO, why over-reliance on paid acquisition can backfire, why SEO is less about marketing and more about the user experience, and more. We covered:
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[Replay] DHH and Basecamp's Guide to No-Bullsh*t Marketing

October 22, 2019
On today’s episode I’m talking to David Heinemeier Hansson, co-founder of Basecamp project management software and creator of Ruby on Rails. He is well-known as a talented developer, but I also think he is one of the best no-bullshit digital marketing persons out there today. 
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4 Questions to Design High-Converting Landing Pages

October 15, 2019
You might  find it hard to explain what your product actually does. This leads to a weak messaging on your landing pages, which leads to people not signing up, and ultimately lower revenue.  My guest today is Pedro Cortés, a SaaS marketing and design consultant. We talked about why companies struggle with positioning, Pedro’s framework to discover his clients’ most valuable selling poin...
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10 Steps to Reposition Your Product When Your Customers Don’t “Get it”

October 08, 2019
What do you do if your customers just don't "get" your product?  My guest today is Jane Portman, UI design expert, and co-founder of Userlist.io. We talked about why Userlist initial positioning didn't work, and the ten steps Jane and the Userlist team took to develop a new product positioning. From recruiting customers, to running customer interviews, and discovering the...
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How to Build a Content Strategy from Scratch (3 Steps)

October 01, 2019
Bad news: The content marketing landscape is filled with low-quality content to game Google, without any effort to delivering value to customers. The good news is, not all hope is lost.  My guest today is Len Markidan, the CMO of Podia. In this episode, we discuss why content marketing is here to stay, how to build a customer-driven content marketing strategy, and the st significant content promotion mistake you can make.
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