[Republished] Branding 101: How to Build a Strong Brand in the Digital Age

April 11, 2018

Are brands dead due to the Internet and direct accessibility to companies? Today, I’m talking to Bernie Schroeder about why you (especially millennials) should care about branding. Bernie is a senior marketing and brand expert working at San Diego State University to help students start their own companies. Also, he is the author of Brands and Bullshit. Topics Discussed in this Episode: People (mostly millennials) do not understand brands...

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The Long-Term Principles to Create Effective Facebook Ads

April 17, 2018

How often do you look at Facebook? Facebook is the largest media company in the world, and it has generated more than $27 billion in revenue. In this episode, you will learn long-term principles to create effective Facebook ads. Today, I’m talking to Karola Karlson, a freelance performance marketing manager specializing in Facebook advertising. Topics Discussed in this Episode:

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The 1-Page Marketing Plan Build Yours in 9 Steps

April 24, 2018

Are you overwhelmed by a sea of possibilities for your marketing? Have you read 1-Page Marketing Plan by Allan Dib? If you haven’t, you should. Today, I’m talking to Allan, a serial entrepreneur, technology freak, and rebellious marketer who believes marketers should stop the “Shiny Object” syndrome and sleazy tactics - not putting lipstick on a pig! Top...

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How to Tell Better Stories With Data

May 01, 2018

Businesses try to squeeze every lead through the funnel, get you hooked on their products, and produce garbage content to capture your interest. Don’t feed the bears! And by that, we mean, as consumers, don’t give away your email address. And don’t pollute the Internet with unoriginal content. Today, I’m talking to Alexandra Samuel, a freelance writer, research, speaker, and author of Work Smarter with Social Media

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Building a Marketing Team for Growth with Ferdinand Goetzen

May 15, 2018

Is there an honest way to approach growth hacking? Today we tackle how to jumpstart a guilt-free marketing team with growth expert Ferdinand Goetzen. We spoke about the role of growth in authentic marketing teams and where you can go to find the ideal person for the position. In this episode, we covered: Why most well-known growth hacks won't work for your business What the biggest sin in marketing is today and how to avoid this mistake

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