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26 Ways to Stand Out In Your Customer’s Mind with Ulli Appelbaum

Why should companies and marketers care about brand positioning?

Positioning is one of those “marketing buzzwords” that gets tossed around a lot. But if you dig into what the term really means, it’s about making your company occupy a distinct place in people’s minds.  

My guest in episode 70 is Ulli Appelbaum. He’s lead the strategy departments for some of the world’s biggest marketing agencies over the last 20 years and has created a brilliant method for determining your positioning: Positioning-Roulette.

They’re a series of 26 distinct flashcards, and Ulli generously shares every single one inside this episode.


We covered:

  • Why brand positioning is more important than ever today
  • How analyzing 1,200 case studies led Ulli to a unique positioning method
  • What three key categories build the foundation of every positioning statement
  • Why the way people behave (or don’t behave) is your starting point
  • The easiest solution for satisfying your customers’ needs
  • How to determine what really differentiates your product or services
  • The importance of barriers and why people wouldn’t use your category
  • How to use the five senses and brand rituals to create an experience



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