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3 Mistakes Growth Marketing Teams Make (+ How to Avoid Them)

Building a marketing team is hard—especially when you’re in the early growth stages of your business.

In the beginning, you’re still identifying which marketing activities work while you’re building a team at the same time. But there a few common mistakes you can avoid with your team that we’re going to discuss today.

We’re joined by Jake Stainer, the former Head of Growth at Typeform and current Head of Digital Growth for TravelPerk. In this episode, Jake shares the biggest lessons he learned about growing a marketing team during his time at Typeform.

We covered:

  • The biggest mistake you can make while building a team
  • How to handle massive change (and why you should take it slow)
  • Why it’s important to hire for generalist roles vs. specialists
  • The power of social proof on your landing pages for conversions
  • What marketing principle Jake follows to ensure a company’s success
  • How to identify a metric to go after so you can move the needle
  • The one key metric where the conversion rate to revenue is stable
  • When to draw the line and focus on a different marketing initiative



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