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3 Principles to Future-Proof Your SEO Strategy

Is your SEO strategy specific enough? Are you trying to reach your customers, or solely tricking Google’s algorithm?

My guest today is SEO expert and growth consultant Eli Schwartz. We talked about the importance of specificity in SEO, why over-reliance on paid acquisition can backfire, why SEO is less about marketing and more about the user experience, and more.

We covered:

  • Why Eli thinks SEO is less about marketing and more about product and user experience
  • Why relying on paid acquisition is an issue
  • The advantages of acquiring users organically
  • The principles SEO strategists should learn for the long-term
  • The importance of being specific in Search Marketing
  • Interviewing internal team members to get insights into what customers want.
  • Preparing for the “future of search”
  • Why SEO expert should focus on marketing to humans, not tricking Google algorithms
  • Eli’s biggest f*ck-up in his career
  • What Eli think marketers should learn for the next 5-10 years


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