Everyone Hates Marketers

3 Steps to Repurposing Your Content for Every Channel

In this episode, I talk to a real risk-taker, Harry Dry. He's done his research, knows his channels, and he's even grabbed the attention of Kanye West.

He also runs Marketing Examples, a company who, surprisingly enough, provides a selection of real-world marketing examples. He has a gift for repurposing content depending on the channel and in today's podcast, he takes you through the process step-by-step.

We covered:

  • Why most marketing content strategies don’t work
  • How to recognise an article that’s been written by someone who doesn’t care
  • Using a Twitter thread to promote an article
  • Building connections on LinkedIn and marketing yourself on Reddit
  • Researching your channels well and and understanding the nuances of each
  • Why consistency is the key to building trust
  • The reason that direction is more important than speed
  • Writing your emails as though they were for your mum and dad



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