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3 Steps to Validating Your Business Idea The Right Way Josh Pigford from Baremetrics

Marketers have become obsessed with conversion optimization over the last few years. We're trying to squeeze conversions out of each part of our website.

But are we forgetting there's another human involved on the other side of the screen?

We tackle that topic in today's episode with Josh Pigford, the founder of Baremetrics, a metrics and focusing tool for startups.

Josh shared with us his 3-step plan for starting a new business, including how to validate your business idea, where to find your first customers, and cold emailing in the marketing industry.

We discussed:

  • The unexpected reason why most new businesses won't become scalable
  • How to easily generate a powerful business idea that attracts an audience
  • Why you shouldn't always listen to your customer feedback
  • What holds back aspiring entrepreneurs from achieving their goal
  • Where to find your target market in any industry
  • Why waiting list landing pages aren't the best validation for your product
  • The popular tactic that is ruining your sales email campaign
  • Why we should stop optimizing for conversion rates
  • What the most human marketing strategy is today
  • And more...


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