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4 Original Ways to Jumpstart a Career You Love with Jennifer Dziura

Why is it so damn tough to design a fulfilling career? How do you get the job you want and earn enough money to stop worrying about the next paycheck? This week we're joined by Jennifer Dzuira. She's the founder of GetBullish.com and the annual Bullish conference, where she dishes out advice on feminism and careers. We explored the steps toward developing your career path in the corporate world and navigating the road to entrepreneurship. If you've ever struggled to discover what job is right for you, take note of this one.

In this episode, we discussed:

  • Why most companies won’t design a career path for you
  • The real reason success in entrepreneurship isn’t about what you want to do
  • Why the daily format of your work is more important than the duties
  • Where to find the right business idea when you’re clueless
  • How to create your ideal full-time job when it doesn’t exist yet
  • The counterintuitive approach to networking for introverts
  • Why your ideal target audience is wealthy people
  • Where to search online to discover problems you can solve



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