Everyone Hates Marketers

7 Honest Ways to Break Through the Noise (Using the Principles Behind Drift’s Success)

Picture this.

You’ve just accept a new role as the head of marketing with a company. Your ultimate job is to get them noticed. What steps do you take to attract attention and interest?

In today’s episode, you’ll learn how to stand out and break through using the principles behind Drift’s success. Listen in for a special episode, as we welcome Dave Gerdhardt back to the show. 

We covered:

  • Why your potential customers are more skeptical than ever
  • How to define your dream 100 customers (and why it matters)
  • What it means to find the gap in your competitors’ marketing strategy
  • The surprising reason why marketing is easy to test quickly
  • How to persuade people to take a risk on your counterintuitive idea
  • The simple tip for coming up with ideas faster than your competition
  • How to create better marketing by observing what you react to
  • Why you can’t win without taking a chance on an unconventional idea



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