Everyone Hates Marketers

Balancing Between Brand, Performance, and Creative Marketing In 5 Key Concepts

My guest today is Matt Kerbel. 

Matt previously worked for General Mills, Activision, Lyft, and MeUndies and is now head of marketing and brand strategy at Canoo, so he has a lot of diverse experience under his belt. And if you’ve not yet heard of Canoo, they create electric vehicles for subscription and are due to launch in 2021. 

In this episode, he talks about developing a marketing organization where brand, performance, and creative marketers all work together in balance. Plus the importance of the entire team getting involved with the end goal.

We Covered:

  • Can a marketer be both brand and performance-orientated?
  • Being relevant not just today but in the future
  • Taking raw research data and turning it into something actionable
  • Why creating a brand personality that reflects a person is so powerful
  • Creating three or four core pillars that you stand for
  • The importance of building your brand foundation with the entire team
  • Ensuring that everything you create is measurable
  • Picking a metric that matters
  • Ensuring diversity within your marketing
  • What marketers should learn today to help them in 10, 20 and 50 years time


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