Everyone Hates Marketers

Building a Marketing Team for Growth with Ferdinand Goetzen

Is there an honest way to approach growth hacking?

Today we tackle how to jumpstart a guilt-free marketing team with growth expert Ferdinand Goetzen. We spoke about the role of growth in authentic marketing teams and where you can go to find the ideal person for the position.

In this episode, we covered:

  • Why most well-known growth hacks won't work for your business
  • What the biggest sin in marketing is today and how to avoid this mistake
  • The easiest method to use for providing more value to your customer
  • What first step to take when building your marketing team
  • Why you must hire a good storyteller (and why humans will always love stories)
  • The surprising reason you should interview potential content marketers on the phone
  • Who your second hire should be on your marketing team
  • Why we shouldn't focus on marketing data and analytics from the start
  • How to align a team with specialized skillsets together
  • The real explanation for why growth hacking has a bad reputation


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