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Customer Journey Mapping: Get Started in a Few Steps

Most companies believe they are customer centric, but many don’t know what that means and involves. So, they don’t truly practice it. Today I’m talking to Georgiana (Gia) Laudi, who has been developing strategies and launching campaigns for companies of all shapes and sizes for the past 15 years. She will help us build a basic strategy based on customers by mapping out their customer journey. Gia is a SaaS Marketing and Customer Experience Strategist, Startup Mentor, and former Vice President of Marketing for Unbounce. She left Unbounce to start A Better CX (a better customer experience). Also, she runs Forget the Funnel with previous Everyone Hates Marketers guest, Claire Suellentrop. Forget the Funnel is an online workshop series that helps early-stage SaaS marketers to become respected leaders.

Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • What it means to be customer centric
  • Difference between customer-driven and data-driven; focus on customers rather than results
  • Practical methods that focus on customers
  • Step-by-step process to become customer-centric
  • Start by recommending brand development; define what, how, and why
  • Examples of existing companies’ what, how, and why
  • Conduct customer research, such as surveys, to achieve and meet them where they are - what value you can provide
  • Utilizing a customer survey (what was going on when you started looking for a product) and a Web survey (to uncover level of awareness); and the questions to ask on each
  • Put together a customer journey map using results from the two surveys
  • Surveys should consist of about five questions; the number of questions should be as short as possible
  • Five-Stage Process: awareness, acquisition, retention, referral, and revenue
  • Metrics are based on a company, not customers
  • Importance of naming the phases of your customer journey
  • How to draw map of customer journey
  • Involve your team so they are invested
  • How different jobs have different journey maps
  • Define meaningful key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Gia’s most major mess up
  • What Gia thinks marketers should learn today that will help them in the next 10, 20, or 50 years - especially build relationships between departments


“It’s a bit prolific these days but there’s a good trend going towards being customer-driven which I love seeing at least in the marketing space.” - Gia Laudi

“It becomes hard to back away a bit and look at things a little bit more holistically and through the eyes of your customers when you are constantly being reminded that it’s do or die.” - Gia Laudi

“But once a customer exists, before you get customer-centric, you have to know who you are and really define your purpose.” - Gia Laudi

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