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Growth Loops: The End of Traditional Funnels?

It’s time to stop viewing your business as a funnel. If you want your business to grow more efficiently, it’s time to start implementing growth loops into your business’s growth model.

Brian Balfour, Founder/CEO of Reforge, and previously VP of Growth at HubSpot, joins the show to discuss how businesses can identify impactful growth loops and the first few steps of implementation.

We covered:

  • Why not all companies function as a traditional sales funnel
  • The 2 biggest mistakes you can make when looking at your “word of mouth” growth loop
  • Why it is important to continue to layer new growth loops into your business model
  • Examples of commonly used growth loops
  • The 3 major factors that create a successful growth loop
  • The easy first step companies should take when analyzing growth loop models
  • Choosing between highly diversified growth loops or expertise in one growth loop
  • How to identify your growth loop’s most impactful point of leverage
  • Some insightful career path advice for marketers



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