Everyone Hates Marketers

How to Address Your Customers' Most Serious Concerns & Improve Conversions

Does your sales process line up with your buyer's journey?

In this episode, you'll learn why addressing your customers' concerns during the buying experience can reduce friction and boost conversions.

Tune in as I chat with Barron Caster, the Director of Growth at Rev. He reveals the methods his team used to triple Rev's conversion rates over the last three years—and how you can become a better marketer by applying these principles to your business.

We covered:

  • Why inexperienced marketers focus on selling the product features
  • Where to get started with identifying your customers’ concerns
  • Barron’s favorite place to find out how to improve conversion rates
  • What happens when you only focus on the leads who don’t convert
  • The surprising reason why you can’t rely on accurate tracking data
  • Exactly what type of questions you should ask customers over the phone
  • How to sort through your research data (and create a hypothesis)
  • The pros and cons of running A/B tests individually vs. group testing


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