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How to Analyze Customer Research to Create Great Copy (3 Steps)

What are your thoughts on customer research? Do you think it takes too long and is a dirty word? Or do you rely on it for your business? 

My guest is Joel Klettke, owner of Case Study Buddy, a company that helps you to create case studies. In this episode, he explains how your research and analysis will not only produce killer copy but will inform many aspects of your business - from branding to landing pages and everything in between. 

We Covered:

  • How good customer research is not just research for research sake
  • The benefits of review and testimonial mining
  • The consequences of not doing effective customer research
  • How changing just a few words can make your copy more vivid
  • What to look for in negative competitor reviews
  • How to translate all the data you collect into one page of copy
  • Why focusing purely on current customers is a big mistake 
  • The principles and practicalities of writing good copy
  • How all writers are different and there’s no one way of writing
  • The questions to ask yourself as you read through your copy


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