Everyone Hates Marketers

How to Awaken the Fearless Marketer in You (3 Steps)

What are you afraid of? Being ignored? Irrelevant? Useless? 

All of the above?

If you want to be respected, successful, and maybe a little famous, it’s time to let go of your fear, take risks, and fight your inner demons.

My guest today is Hillary Weiss, a brand consultant, copywriter, speaker, and the founder of Statement Piece Studio. In this episode, we talk about finding your own unique strength, why shipping consistently is important, and how to become a fearless marketer.

We covered:

  • Why “data-driven marketing” is overrated
  • What being “creative” really means
  • Why there are no unique ideas, only unique perspectives
  • What you should write down and reflect after talking to customers, and the next steps you should take
  • Why you should publish your ideas through channels that energize you
  • The importance of shipping consistently
  • How to find your “core idea” and run with it
  • Hillary’s advice to those who are not sure about their own unique ability
  • How to find the courage to publish your ideas by creating a “tool” for it
  • Hillary’s biggest marketing fuck-up
  • What Hillary thinks marketers should learn for the next 5-10 years



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