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How To Build an Influencer Program That Actually Works

Not everyone likes to use the word influencer when it comes to marketing, but no one can deny that influencers are a key part of most company’s marketing plans.

In today’s episode, our guest Melinda Byerley, shares her experience on building a successful influencer program for DVD Netflix.

Melinda is a serial entrepreneur and the founding partner of Timeshare CMO. She’s held marketing and e-commerce leadership roles at companies such as PlantSense (sold to Parrot), eBay, PayPal, and Checkpoint Software. Join us as we discuss how to identify brand influencers, keep them engaged, and help grow your business.

 We covered:
  • How the FYRE Festival actually proved the power of influencer marketing
  • Delivering an influencer program that fits inside the FTC’s guidelines
  • Why you need to identify which customers you are trying to influence first
  • Quantitative research was important but qualitative research is what led Melinda and team to identify influencers and their target market
  • The best tactics to collect honest and sincere customer feedback
  • Why forming an online community was important for DVD Netflix’s influencer program
  • Micro-influencers
  • B2B Companies and Influencers
  • Melinda’s advice for marketers and her favorite marketing resources



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