Everyone Hates Marketers

How to Build Relationships with Influencers (& Get Your Brand Known)

Marketing is about building relationships. Sadly, it’s also something that marketers tend to forget. My guest today will teach you how to get your brand name out there by building relationships with influential individuals.

Today we have Nathan Hirsch, serial entrepreneur and the founder of FreeeUp and Outsource School. In this episode, you’ll learn how to do outreach the right way, outsource your network and relationship management, and build marketing partnerships with the right people. 

We covered:

  • Why it is important to connect with influential people
  • Why influencer marketing is not a new concept at all
  • Why most people struggle with reaching out to people
  • How to get yourself on other people’s podcasts
  • How to manage your network and relationships by outsourcing
  • How to propose “content swap” to potential partners
  • The biggest mistake people made in content partnerships
  • What Nathan thinks marketers should learn in 5, 10, 50 years


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