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How to Earn Your Customers' Love and Attention

Surprisingly, companies still need to be convinced to focus on their customers before making money. Treating customers badly is no longer an option. In this episode, learn how to earn your customers’ love and admiration, as well as grow your business. Today, I’m talking to Jeanne Bliss, president of Customer Bliss. Jeanne describes how companies focus on sales goals, internal KPIs, and and other metrics, and tend to forget about their customers - who actually drive all of those metrics.

Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • Convince companies to focus on customers - earn your right to grow by keeping more customers than you lose
  • Customer Map: Identify your new customers
  • Figure out and understand why customers leave
  • Identify why a customer turned away - dig into data about orders and renewals
  • Business tends to be about getting something from customers; grow by delivering value to them vs. getting something from them
  • Framework for earning customers’ love and attention
  • Step 1: Build customers’ assets (did you earn the right to grow - ask your customers?)
  • Step 2: Recreate company’s work (what are a customer’s goals and journey?)
  • Heart and Habit: What’s in your heart is your values and the habits you are being forced to use at work
  • Step 3: Pick a couple things to focus on and build from the customer’s life and goal; redesign the customer’s experience to build on that goal
  • Co-creation: Company and customers meet and work together
  • Train managers to not contradict customers or defend, deny, or explain away actions
  • Step 4: Map current experience from customer’s view; start with customers’ emotions and needs
  • Step 5: Redesign experience and ask customers to provide feedback
  • Convince customers to spend time with a company; tell them the company’s leaders want to listen to them
  • Keep up with technology, customer, and other changes; one thing that does not change - are you reliable?
  • Customers prefer companies that do not fear honest feedback from them
  • Jeanne watched how well her dad treated customers as a shoe store owner; she was inspired by him
  • Marketers have a bad reputation; it’s not marketers as people, but marketing as a way to get something from a customer vs. what you want to deliver and earn
  • One bad practice marketers do that should not be done is selling too soon; let customers absorb information about your product and brand before pushing them to buy something
  • Marketers need to learn about the blending and engagement of marketing and customer experience so that they become united, not isolated


“We need to get leaders to care about the ‘Why’.” - Jeanne Bliss

“Your marketing dollars can bring them (customers) in, but your experience has got to keep them.” - Jeanne Bliss

“A lot of times our business is about getting something from customers. We will grow by delivering value to them vs. getting something from them.” - Jeanne Bliss

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