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How to Find out What Triggers Customers to Buy (7-Step Process)

It’s time to get customer-obsessed. Katelyn Bourgoin, the three-times founder, turned growth geek joins the podcast to explain the importance of using customer research to figure out what triggers customers to buy.

We discuss the processes Katelyn uses to help companies understand what their customers are trying to achieve, and what barriers are stopping them from achieving it, so they can design better products market them more effectively.

We covered:

  • Why it’s important to understand what triggers your customers
  • The reasons why some marketers may be feeling overwhelmed
  • Social Media’s draining effect on Katelyn 
  • The first question Katelyn asks her new clients when starting customer research
  • How the startup world taught Katelyn the importance of customer discovery
  • The steps it takes to develop your customer’s persona
  • Why understanding your customer is more than gathering demographic and firmographic information 
  • How to disrupt the Super Mario power upmarket
  • Don’t forget about the importance of the functional side of your product
  • Identify your customer’s challenges with their current solution 
  • Katelyn’s thoughts on one-on-one customer interviews 
  • One of Katelyn’s favorite sayings when conducting interviews
  • How to make sense of the customer information you’ve gathered


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