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How to Optimize Your Website for Conversions Without Sacrificing SEO or Speed

You want your website to rank high on Google, right?

You’re in a constant battle to bring in organic traffic and provide a phenomenal user experience. It might even feel like you have to abandon a beautiful design in order to optimize your website for higher conversions or search engine results.

In episode 71, I teamed up with SEO and conversion expert Nick Eubanks to bust these familiar myths. Nick shares his knowledge on how to use SEO techniques to design a conversion-focused website.

We discussed:

  • The first step toward designing a conversion-optimized website
  • Why you need to understand how your potential customers talk for SEO
  • What questions to ask to find the terminology your customers use
  • How voice search will drive the future of SEO
  • The step by step process Nick uses for completing keyword research
  • How to target keywords for different points in the customer journey
  • The reason why SEO is really about understanding your customer
  • How to transform keyword data into a website that converts
  • Why website design must come after your content is written
  • The importance of mobile when it comes to website design




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