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How To Personalize Market Segmentation

Personalization is becoming more common in the world of today’s marketing. What can a company do when some of the most important marketing channels they use are unable to be personalized?

Ashley Plack, the founder of Strategist Marketing, provides her take on how companies can personalize their marketing by digging deeper into their customer segmentation.

We covered:

  • Problems that companies face when they lack personalization through the sales process
  • Why SEO’s lack the capacity for personalization
  • The difference between personalization and segmentation
  • What companies should focus on when segmenting their customers
  • What marketing channels can and should be personalized
  • 3 stages of segmentation implementation
  • Integrating sales phases into the segmentation process
  • How to successfully implement a segmentation
  • Why companies shouldn’t force their brand language onto customers
  • The primary guiding arrow when creating customer segments



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