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How to Retain Customers With Email Marketing

Marketing channels come and go, but email is, for the moment, here to stay. My guest today will tell you how to use emails to increase customer retention and establish trust.

This week we’re joined by Val Geisler, email marketing expert, and CEO of Fix My Churn. In this episode, you’ll learn how to design retention-focused email sequences that help you drive revenue and reduce churn.

We covered:

  • Why email will still be relevant in 5,10, and 50 years
  • How customers can be your “free marketing team”
  • How to segment your customers for survey
  • Why customer research is the foundation of great email campaigns
  • The top 3 questions Val asks in customer surveys
  • Signs that you need an onboarding and retention email sequence
  • Why you should check-in with customers from time to time
  • Why onboarding sequence is an excellent place to put a referral/affiliate program


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