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How to Secure a Large-Scale Speaking Gig Without Prior Experience

Speaking at a large conference may be intimidating to most people, but today’s guest, Stefanie Grieser, explains why marketers should be actively searching for speaking opportunities.

Stefanie, Co-Founder of Shine, the professional speaker accelerator for women, and Director of Marketing at Sphere, shares her first-hand experience on how to land a speaking gig even if you’ve never spoken at a large event before and takes us step by step on how to nail your next presentation.

We covered:

  • Why speaking at events is something marketers should care about
  • Two key characteristics you need to execute a successful speaking engagement
  • How to secure large scale speaking gigs
  • Tips on choosing a specific, actionable topic
  • Identifying conferences or events to target for speaking engagements
  • How to successfully pitch yourself to conference organizers
  • The components of a great presentation



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