Everyone Hates Marketers

How to Start & Scale a Profitable Blog (On the Side)

Anyone can start a blog; but to generate income from it, you’ll need more than just writing skills. My guest today will tell you how you can build a profitable blog from scratch.

This week we are joined by Ryan Robinson, a writer, part-time entrepreneur, and content marketing consultant. In this episode, you’ll learn how to grow your blog with guest posting, finding your authentic writing voice, and scaling it with freelance writers.

We covered:

  • The biggest misconception in blogging
  • Will blog still exist 5 to 10 years from now?
  • Why the term “passive income” is bullsh*t
  • How guest posting can help you grow your blog
  • Ryan’s recent mistake that made him “punished” by Google
  • How to find your own blogging “voice”
  • How to work and find freelance writers to help you scale
  • Top 3 questions that Ryan ask his new email subscribers
  • What Ryan thinks marketers should learn in the next 5,10, and 50 years


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