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How To Use Humor In Your Marketing To Stand Out And Get More Sales

 Not everyone is naturally funny, but every business can make an impactful change to their marketing strategy by infusing humor. Allie LeFevere joins the show today to discuss how to create an endearing audience by making them laugh.

 Allie is the co-founder of the humor marketing agency, Obedient, and co-host of the podcast, Fangasm. Allie shares her story of how she created Obedient and why companies should consider avoiding a “water-downed” campaign that appeals to the masses and start to create compelling memorable marketing campaigns.

We covered:

  • Why many companies’ campaigns often come off as bland and unmemorable
  • The common traits that Allie’s clients all share
  • Why making customers smile and laugh will make them endear your company
  • The steps a company must take to start using humor in their marketing
  • How to use adrenaline to make sure your customers connect with your brand
  • The type of research Obedient Agency uses before creating a campaign for their clients
  • The three things Allie does with each client to make sure they work together as partners
  • How to find a company’s “hook” for customers
  • Developing a brand’s personality
  • How Allie figured out she could create an agency to help bring humor to marketing



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