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More Isn’t Always Better – Challenging the Growth at All Costs Mindset

Many companies are constantly in a growth mindset, constantly looking for new ways to increase customers and improve their “vanity” metrics that say more is always better.

Paul Jarvis, the author of Company of One, joins the show today to discuss the importance of enjoying the process and why companies should challenge the “Growth at All Costs” mindset that companies find themselves in.

We covered:

  •  Why companies should not use growth as their top achievement metric
  •  Focusing on profit over growth
  • Why it is important to figure out how to be happy in the present then hoping the future works out
  • How to avoid focusing on “vanity” metrics
  • The two ways to run a business long term
  • When focusing on your business’s growth makes sense
  • Why you should consider that more isn’t always better
  • Why you should be focusing on a specific audience
  • The importance of understanding your audience’s problem
  • Customer retention vs. customer acquisition
  • The three qualities it takes to be resilient
  • Focusing on the process rather than the outcome
  • Why you should always be working on personal growth



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