Everyone Hates Marketers

Nail Your Product Launch in 3 Steps (No Matter How Small Your Business)

Are you on the verge of launching your product but unsure about your go-to-market strategy?

After 2 years of trying, I finally got to talk to Meghan Keaney Anderson, VP of Marketing at Hubspot. It was well worth the wait.

In this episode, you will learn how to target your marketing regardless of the size of your business, why your beliefs and mindset are so important, and how choosing an enemy could put you at a marketing advantage.

We covered:

  • Why some companies struggle to get noticed
  • How to launch a product with little or no money
  • Properly identifying your Beta group before you go to market
  • Why product marketing goes beyond marketing
  • Letting go of the fear surrounding your product
  • The importance of content creation
  • How sharing the same beliefs as your market is so important
  • Why category creation may not be beneficial
  • What marketers should learn to prepare themselves for the future
  • Breaking down your launch strategy into a few basic essentials


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