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Neville Medhora on the Best Way to Learn Copywriting

Who is Neville Medhora?

Neville Medhora runs a company called Kopywriting Kourse, where he trains business teams on how to write outstanding copy and content that performs. He’s an author, former eCommerce store owner, and has written copy for companies like AppSumo, The Hustle, and SumoMe.

What is the Kopywriting Kourse?

The Kopywriting Kourse is training that’s designed to turn beginning copywriters into pros. Businesses work with Neville to teach their teams how to improve their copy and profitability, while freelancers learn how to jumpstart their copywriting career.

Neville Medhora’s Copywriting Advice

In this interview, Neville explains why he doesn’t think of copywriting as words on a page. His philosophy? Copywriting is about transmitting information from one brain to another. It’s not only the written word on the page but the reaction in your brain when you read those words.

How to Beat Writer’s Block

According to Neville, you can get over writer’s block with two simple solutions. One is to look at what other people are doing with a swipe file. This is a collection of other people’s writing, where you can look at old ads for inspiration.

The other way is to start with a template — and work through it backward. Neville recommends you never start with a blank page, but instead, you keep a file of topics you want to write about. Then you can dive into research straight away, so you never have to face the White Blank Page again. Tune in for his in-depth explanation on overcoming writer’s block.

How to Write a Good About Us Page

Want to learn how to write better About pages? Listen in to hear Neville break down the steps on writing a good About Us page. Neville explains that the main goal of your About page is really to direct them to action at the end. What’s the next step for your reader?

Likewise, we also cover the different types of About pages and how you should structure them. For example, if your website is informational, the way you approach your story should be different from the  ecommerce website that sells physical products.

How to Write Good Headlines

We also cover how to write headlines with Neville’s painless formulas, and here’s how it goes. What Neville does for companies is write out 10 headlines. Then he’ll go away for 24 hours, so he can look at those headlines again with fresh eyes.

The next step is bold the ones that jump out at you. Generally, there will always be one or two that stand out way more than the others. Neville also reveals a surprising myth about the relevance of headlines — and an easy trick for stealing your headline copy from Amazon.



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