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[REPLAY] How to Send Emails with 83%+ Open Rates

Today's a replay of one of my favorite episodes. Master copywriter and email marketer André Chaperon teaches us his system to send emails that people are actually interested in, gain their trust, and raise email open rates. You will learn how to improve your email marketing by segmenting people the right way, removing the wrong people from your list, and using autoresponders to send the right email at the right time. 

Topics discussed:

  • What's wrong with broadcast emails
  • Telling a story with email sequences to earn trust
  • Step-by-step instructions to build a successful email sequence
  • Segmenting your audience
  • André's recommended email marketing software tools
  • Removing inactive users from your list
  • Storytelling and getting inspiration
  • André's recommended resources and advice

Resources mentioned

  • Tinylittlebusinesses.com
  • AutoResponder Madness
  • ConvertKit, Drip
  • Medium, Flipboard
  • Persuader by Lee Child, Storytelling Made Easy by Michael Hauge, Pines by Blake Crouch

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