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[Replay] How to Talk to Customers and Validate Your Business Idea (When Everyone Is Lying to You)

Will your next startup be a success? The truth is, you can never be 100% certain until you test your idea — but you can save yourself 12 months of time by talking to your customers first.

In this episode, Rob Fitzpatrick joins us on the podcast to share how you can validate your business idea by getting better feedback.

We discussed:

  • Why you shouldn’t sell to customers you don't understand
  • The brilliant payoff of going out into the real world to talk to people
  • How to ask intriguing questions that get your customers to open up
  • Why your personal network is far more valuable than you realize
  • The surprising reason your breakthrough idea isn’t about profitability
  • Exactly what type of customers you should go after to build quickly
  • How to identify your core skills and monetize your top strengths
  • Why beginning conversations with your pitch is a major mistake


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