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[Replay] The 1-Page Marketing Plan: Build Yours in 9 Steps

What is the One-Page Marketing Plan?

If you've ever struggled with a lack of focus in your business, you're not alone. In this episode, we’ll uncover how you can beat Shiny Object Syndrome once and for all with a simple, practical system for marketing: The 1-Page Marketing Plan. 

Who is Allan Dib?

Today we’re talking to Allan Dib from Successwise.com. He’s a serial entrepreneur and marketing expert who wrote the Amazon bestseller, The 1-Page Marketing Plan. Allan has come up with a breakthrough method for marketing your business in an easy, 9-step process that he reveals in the interview. 

How to Write a One-Page Marketing Plan

1. Select your ultra-specific niche target market

It might seem counterintuitive, but you want to choose a target market that isn't very wide. And this is crtical. When you go niche with who you're targeting, you'll end up with an audience with a lot of interest and depth in your market.

2. Craft a message your target market responds to

This step is where you get into the minds of your audience. What is the one thing that’s keeping them up at night? What do they worry about at 3 a.m when they’re lying in bed thinking? Crafting your message is getting into the conversation that’s already happening in their mind.

3. Reach your prospects with advertising media

Bridge your target market with your message via advertising media. This is the most expensive step to your marketing plan, and it can be done through digital marketing, Facebook ads, or Google ads. If you're doing offline marketing, your paid messaging is done through direct mail or print advertising.

4. Capture leads in an opt-in or a CRM

Lead capturing is the process you must implement for saving your leads' contact information. You have to complete this step before you can start nurturing your leads... and convert them into paying customers.

5. Nurture those leads by following up

You need a good method for following up. And if you're worried about pestering your audience? Don't be. Following up isn't about pushing an offer on your prospect when they don't want it, but it's about delivering tons of value.

6. Convert your prospect into a customer

This phase is where you go from a prospect only knowing about you to trusting you -- and then spending money on your product. Once you deliver value, you can make an offer that is much more likely to convert.

7. Create your tribe by delivering a world-class experience

Our goals in marketing are to take a step beyond the transaction. With an endless amount of options, people are seeking something special today. They want to buy from a company who can deliver a wow experience.

8. Increase your lifetime customer value

It's much easier to convert an existing customer than a brand new customer. Increasing your lifetime value is about finding ways to increase the amount of money someone spends with you. But it's not about scamming people -- this step comes back to delivering massive value to your audience.

9. Orchestrate and stimulate a targeted system for referrals

You can't sit and hope for referrals. Instead, you need to create a specific system where people expect that you have to give them referrals (or you have a defined process for requesting those leads and referrals).



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