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[Replay] The Brain Audit How to Sell More Without Being Pushy

My guest today is Sean D’Souza, author of The Brain Audit and the owner of Psychotactics.com. He’s a cartoonist and a marketer with more than 15 years experience in the field and makes a point to take a three-month vacation every year. In this episode, you’re going to learn how to convince people to buy without being pushy using Sean’s methodology called The Brain Audit. It works for all marketing and business types because it uses first principal thinking instead of relying on best practices that come and go. Listen in to learn this step by step process you can apply in your daily work starting today.

Summary of The Book And Episode:

  • Learning responsibility at a young age
  • Overpromising by marketers
  • Life satisfaction at a certain level of income
  • The Brain Audit methodology
  • Finding the target profile and solving their problem
  • Answering customer objections
  • Curating valuable testimonials
  • Implementing successful risk reversals
  • Uniqueness

Resources Related to The Brain Audit:

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