Everyone Hates Marketers

Social Media Is Bullshit and Here's Why with BJ Mendelson

Most companies get the customer experience all wrong—they're too busy drowning in marketing data to see the bigger picture.

In episode 67 of the podcast, author BJ Mendelson stopped by to discuss his views on why most consumer data is worthless and how marketers should take a step back to focus on the product when it comes to building a thriving brand.

We covered:

  • Why most statistics don’t give insight into your customer
  • What happened when the largest consumer goods company in the world pulled most of their digital advertising
  • The #1 reason chasing your customer persona is a waste of time
  • What the future of data privacy looks like
  • Why consumers may eventually get compensated for their data
  • How BJ tested word of mouth marketing against popular social media tactics
  • Why he’s promoting his latest book release by giving away for free


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