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Stop Being Boring: How to Get Funny With Your Copy (& Get Customers)

Funny marketing is memorable, but it’s also not easy. What if there’s a framework to help you use humor in your marketing? My guest today will teach you how to be funny with your copy and increase conversions.

Today we have Lianna Patch, expert conversion copywriter and Copy Director at SNAP Copy. In this episode, you’ll learn how, where, and when to use humor in your copy, how to find jokes that resonate with your audience, and how to convince clients to take risks and get funny.

We covered:

  • Is there any industry that’s too serious for humor?
  • How to convince your clients to use humor
  • How to research your customer’s sense of humor?
  • How to make sure that the humor isn’t “off-brand”
  • How to create a joke from customer reviews
  • The improv’ frameworks you can use to produce humor on your copy
  • How to codify humor in your company
  • How to use humor in “high-tension” moment in the customer journey
  • Why humor can increase trust
  • What Lianna thinks marketers should learn in 5, 10, 50 years


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