Everyone Hates Marketers

Stop Depending on Referrals: How to Build Your Consulting Brand

Are you a marketing consultant? Do you feel like you're too dependant on referrals to win new clients? If yes, this episode is for you. My guest today will teach you how to use brand marketing to build trust and get more clients.

Joining us for the second time on the podcast, we have Philip Morgan, an expert marketing consultant who specializes in positioning for tech companies and the author of The Positioning Manual for Technical Firms. In this episode, you'll learn why being pushy can damage your brand, when to invest in brand marketing, and how sharing your expertise can help you build trust.

We covered:

  • What usually triggers marketing consultants to start marketing themselves more aggressively
  • Why you should not outsource your "business development" to people in your network
  • What is direct response marketing?
  • When should you start doing brand marketing to gain trust?
  • Why sharing your authentic opinion publicly is powerful
  • The litmus test to figure out if you're ready to do brand marketing
  • Why client feedback is vital to improving the tone of your brand tone


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