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Take F*cking Risks: 3 Ways to Get Noticed

There is no magic formula to helping your brand stand out amongst the crowd. But if there is one takeaway from today’s episode on how to get your brand noticed it is to take some fucking risks.

Today’s guest, Paul Mellor, founder, and design director at Mellor & Smith, shares with us why their brand and ad agency is successful by keeping it simple, breaking the rules, and you guessed it, taking fucking risks.

We covered:

  • Why companies struggle to get noticed and the research that backs it up
  • Creativity should inform the tactics not the other way around
  • How Innocent Smoothies set themselves apart with a simple marketing idea
  • The first step Paul and team when working with a new client
  • Why actual consumer observation is more valuable than any other consumer information
  • Why it is easier to get noticed in the B2B world rather than the B2C world
  • The marketing world needs more troublemakers
  • Why Mellor & Smith only presents one idea to their clients
  • Talented team members outproduce proprietary systems
  • The “Yes, and...” Technique
  • Why the best ads all have one common theme
  • The reason Mellor & Smith got rid of 70% of their clients after 5 years


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