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The 1-Page Marketing Plan Build Yours in 9 Steps

Are you overwhelmed by a sea of possibilities for your marketing? Have you read 1-Page Marketing Plan by Allan Dib? If you haven’t, you should. Today, I’m talking to Allan, a serial entrepreneur, technology freak, and rebellious marketer who believes marketers should stop the “Shiny Object” syndrome and sleazy tactics - not putting lipstick on a pig!

Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • 1-Page Marketing Plan is a simple and practical living document and offer that converts for businesses of all sizes
  • Create a marketing plan when results matter and stakes are high
  • A marketing plan does not need to be long, complicated, or expensive
  • Following 80/20 and 64/4 rules
  • Marketing Plan: Where to Start  
  • Ethical, easy, low-pressure way to do business
  • Allan separates a marketing plan into a 9-step process with 3 phases: Before, During, and After
  • Before Phase: Select target market, craft your message, and reach prospects with advertising media; these 3 steps are the most often overlooked  
  • "People don't read ads. They read what interests them and sometimes that's an ad." -Howard Gossage
  • Narrow your market and find a niche; avoid being a generalist
  • During Phase: Capture leads, nurture leads, and sales conversion
  • Lead capture and clear terms; choose clarity over cleverness
  • After Phase: Deliver world-class experience, increase customer lifetime value, and orchestrate and stimulate referrals
  • Find your target market by using a market you are a part of and conduct research
  • PVP Process: Personal fulfillment, value to the marketplace, and profitability
  • Survey your target market, but people may lie; have them write a check to express truth
  • Interview and speak with your target market; don’t hide behind your computer
  • Digital marketing is sometimes considered lazy, but key parts are not magical
  • How to reach out to audiences
  • Media is the most expensive part of your marketing; hire specialists, don’t skip expertise
  • Structured and packaged form of Allan’s book makes a unique and massive difference
  • Marketers need to become content creators and voices of value
  • Make sure to select customer relationship management (CRM) software
  • Get help, don’t do everything on your own; business is a team sport


“Like many good things that happen, it comes out of necessity. They say necessity is the mother of invention, and that was certainly the case with 1-Page Marketing Plan.” - Allan Dib

“When it comes to small businesses, you need to have a plan. Otherwise, things just go to crap very, very quickly.” - Allan Dib

“Good marketing happens before the product development stage...we want to tap into a demand.” - Allan Dib

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