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The Long-Term Principles to Create Effective Facebook Ads

How often do you look at Facebook? Facebook is the largest media company in the world, and it has generated more than $27 billion in revenue. In this episode, you will learn long-term principles to create effective Facebook ads. Today, I’m talking to Karola Karlson, a freelance performance marketing manager specializing in Facebook advertising.

Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • Performance Marketing: Tracking results, measuring real-time performance, tweaking ad campaigns, and changing marketing strategies
  • Performance marketing is a mindset where you make decisions based on data
  • How to generate new leads and customers using Facebook advertising
  • Step 1: Messaging - Find unique value proposition that makes your brand shine and stand out
  • Step 2: Ad Designs - Do not use stock photos, find unique design angle
  • Unique imagery catches people’s attention and generates higher click-through rates
  • Utilize ready made icons, videos, and backgrounds with simple text for imagery
  • Step 3: Create Facebook Ad Account to set up campaign, objective, goal, budget, audience
  • Utilize tools in Facebook Ad Manager to gauge audience and effectiveness of your ads
  • Understand your audience by asking questions and targeting customers using similar brands and products
  • Conversions and results are necessary to determine if ads are working
  • Avoid creating too many ads for one campaign
  • Start with one message and then try different messages; keep the same call to action
  • Use step-building approach to create trust with your audience
  • Reasons why Facebook ad campaigns fail and mistakes that are made
  • Facebook is the most effective advertising platform available
  • Recent News: Facebook manipulated people to get and use personal and private data
  • Data is the reason why marketing ads on Facebook are successful
  • Good products and good marketing mean no sleaziness needed
  • Aggregate Blog: 1 great article per 2 weeks is worth more than 2 bad articles per week
  • Writing posts and promoting the blog generates new offers of partnerships
  • Communication and Understanding: Learn about consumer behavior and human psychology to identify what makes them tick and buy


“Performance marketing is a mindset, but you can actually apply it only when you can measure and track your marketing data.” - Karola Karlson

“Facebook is introducing new features all the time, but actually  if you acquire the right framework, you can always apply it. ” - Karola Karlson

“Whenever I take on a new client and we want to start the Facebook campaign, we always start by finding our messaging because this is the most important thing that will make you succeed or fail.” - Karola Karlson

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