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The Most Effective Way to Generate Demand with Jeanne Hopkins

Most marketers focus on lead generation but it is enough?

There's another step in your marketing system that comes first: demand generation.

While lead generation is a system focused on collecting contact information from potential customers, demand generation is about building brand awareness and creating demand for your products or services.

I asked lead generation expert Jeanne Hopkins to join the show and share her process on setting up a marketing campaign that generates demand and acquires customers.

We covered:

  • Why most companies struggle to develop a system for attracting leads
  • The costly mistake marketers make when it comes to their website design
  • How auditing is the first step new marketers should take in demand generation
  • The unexpected reason why promotion is the last thing you should think about
  • Why small teams should go after key objectives vs. individuals
  • What marketers miss when it comes to communication and small wins
  • How we set expectations along the customer journey and why they matter
  • Why we need to become comfortable with video and public speaking



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