Everyone Hates Marketers

The Power of Effective Case Studies (And 3 Steps to Creating Them)

In this episode, my guest is Camille Ricketts, Head of Marketing at Notion.

Camille is the former head of Content and Marketing at First Round Capital, and you may also know her from First Round Review. Her CV is very impressive as she’s previously worked for Tesla, VentureBeat, and The Wall Street Journal.

There is so much value in today’s podcast, it’s difficult to know where to start. You’ll learn how to identify which customers make exceptional user stories and how to ensure that they understand what you expect from them. Camille also explains how to use the three-tier interviewing system to encourage your customers to give thorough, specific answers.

We Covered:

  • What is wrong with typical online user studies
  • The benefits of producing one in-depth story instead of 50 shallow ones
  • Ensuring all content produced is useful
  • The consequences of shallow user stories on your brand
  • Using the inverted triangle to organize your story
  • How to convince people to be on your blog or podcast
  • The importance of being a good storyteller
  • The benefits of recording interviews to make full use of the content
  • How to be the painkiller and not the vitamin
  • Preparing your customer in advance of the interview


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