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Turning Customer Feedback Into Creative Copy (And 3 Steps to Killer Surveys)

In this episode, I welcome back one of our most popular guests, professional copywriter Momoko Price. This time we are focussing on the voice of the customer or VoC and discuss just how important VoC is in marketing.  And how it’s not just about listening to and engaging with your customers but also how to create surveys and then take the data and turn it into something valuable.

Listen to the episode:

  • Defining the voice of your customer
  • Using VoC to shape your copy
  • Digging into the raw and messy elements of customer research
  • Being smart about customer surveys
  • The value of VoC when done the right way
  • Tips for creating more enticing customer surveys
  • Filtering negative responses in order to write positive copy
  • How your mental state can impact your copywriting


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