Everyone Hates Marketers

Why Marketing Agencies Mostly Suck At Marketing Themselves (And How To Fix It)

Are you brilliant at marketing for your clients but fail at marketing your own agency?

It’s not uncommon for agencies, or any business for that matter, to struggle to market themselves, whether it’s through fear of cold calling, a reliance on recommendations or something else.

In this episode I talk to Dan Englander, the CEO Sales Schema, a lead generation company for boutique marketing agencies.

You’ll learn practical steps towards marketing your agency and discover that it’s not as scary as you might think. Plus Dan gives us his thoughts on what marketers should learn today that will help them in the next 5, 10, and 20 years.

We covered:

  • Looking beyond referrals and going after sales
  • What the hell are cobblers children are and what do they have to do with marketing?
  • How agencies can resolve the problem of their own marketing
  • Recognizing clients that are no longer a good fit for your agency and how to deal with that
  • The importance of doing your homework before pitching to a new client
  • Being proactive in your own marketing
  • Turning case studies into a story 
  • Using live digital placements to your advantage 
  • How to tell a story that will get you noticed


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