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Why the “Jobs to be Done” Framework Creates Better Products: Alan Klement

What motivates customers to buy?

Conventional marketing techniques get it backward. These outdated methods focus on the product first, not the human buying it. They use data to justify the need for a product, like analyzing the demographics of a target market.

But we really buy products and services to help us solve problems in our lives. This is where the Jobs to be Done framework comes in.

Alan Klement joins the podcast to explain the process behind Jobs to be Done and how we can use it to create a better business.

We covered:

  • What the “Jobs to be Done” concept is (and why you should care)
  • The products and services that don’t have a “Job to be Done”
  • Why a job starts with your customer and not the product
  • How to discover your customer journey with the right interview
  • The top 4 questions you should be asking your customers
  • How to compile a data profile after every interview



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