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Writing & Self-Publishing a Marketing Book: A No-Bull Guide

Making her second appearance on the podcast, April Dunford joins us to share the many learning experiences she took from writing and releasing her book, Obviously Awesome: How to Nail Product Positioning So Customers Get It, Buy It, Love It.

After rewriting her book for the fifth time (maybe more), April gives us a bit of insight on how the publishing industry works (or doesn’t work) and why you need to make sure your message is clear and compelling before writing it.

We covered:

  • Why April decided to launch a book
  • Why keeping track of how many books you’ve sold is difficult and why April isn’t worried about those numbers
  • The dumb questions the publishing industry asked April throughout the process
  • Learning experiences from writing and rewriting a book for five years
  • How April made time to write her book and why she hired a one-stop-shop to put the finishing touches on the book
  • Why she scaled back her original manuscript to it’s published form available now
  • How to find a self-publishing consulting group
  • April’s experience with her book launch and the marketing plan that made it work


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