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Your First 90 Days as a Marketer: How to Build Trust and Make an Impact

You want to make an impact, right?

Imagine you’ve just been hired in a new marketing role. What’s the first thing you should do to get your foot in the door? In today’s episode, you’ll learn how to build trust and prove yourself in the first 90 days as a marketer.

Join us in welcoming Claire Suellentrop back to the podcast. Claire is a SaaS marketing strategy consultant and the co-founder of Forget the Funnel, where she teaches tech marketers how to build high-growth SaaS companies.


We covered:

  • Why marketers and their leaders often struggle to align themselves
  • The first step you must take when you’re starting with a new company
  • Two ways to develop true empathy for the founder or CEO
  • How to build strong relationships with leaders of other departments
  • What type of questions you must ask during those first conversations
  • Why your first 90 days as a marketer are a critical period of time
  • The simple (but effective) tip for nailing communication with your boss
  • How to balance customer research with making your first major impact



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